Khuran strais wetland

It’s Ramsar site and has the biggest population of mangroves in middle east . The wetland is more than 100000 Hectars . And one of the most important wetland in Iran. this wetland has many international titles . Khran srtraits wetland is Ramsar site registerd in ramsar convention on wetland as an important wetland in […]

The Oldest Mangrove Tree

The oldest marine tree in Middle_East old mangrove tree in Khuran straits international wetlandnear Bandar Khamir in south of Iran local people from Bandar Khamir believe this mangrove tree is the oldest marine tree in middle east . this beautiful tree located in Mardu_Island in Khuran Straits wetland and you can access to this big […]

Latidan bridge

The longest historical bridge in middle east .This wonderful bridge is located in south of Iran near Bandar Khamir city in Hormozgan province . The lenght of this bridge was 1500 meters. If we want to compare with famous bridge in Isfahan it is 5 times longer than 33pol bridge in Isfahan. And ots age is […]

Siakosh Hot Spring

It can be called the biggest hot spring site in Iran With wonderful mountains ,many waterfalls, doctor fishes , colorful seaweeds ,amazing  natural sauna It located in  south of  Iran (  hormozgan province ) in  bandar khamir near Nimekar village.

Baghi Abad Eco Musuem Village

Baghi Abad village Industrial museum village This village is wondderful and you will be surprised when you visit it . This village is a private village and it had an owner with the name of Seyed Abdolbaghi ,the name of village is related to ame of owner . The owner was great doctor,mechanic and enginer . They […]

Jameh Mosque of Bandar Khamir

one of the biggest and the most beautiful mosque in south of Iran . this mosque will attract everyone with its unique design and architecture . this place is not only mosque , many students come there to study and do extra activities also sports. one of different places in mosque is a library in […]

Kalengar cottage

kalengar cottage Its a dream cottage in Mardu Island local fisherman use this cottage as a place for rest in the past . this cottage is very good for fishing now . you will have a wonderful stay in a cottage in front of mangrove forest and also mountains are in your view .Mardu Island is located […]

Varmi Island

#varmi_islandWonderful and amazing island Most of the islands in #Khuran_Straits_wteland is mudy but this one is #sandy and you will find a lot of #birds there .But one amazing point is just two times in a day you can go there and other time is #under_ the_water 🙄 #Varmi in local language means whale ( this Island is look like whale sometimes under the […]